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Brenda Bell Carter Foundation, Inc.


Who We Are

A vision to keep her sister's legacy alive....

We are a diverse group of people that include friends, family and like minded others who want to make a tangible difference in the life of others.  It's just that simple! 

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Our Mission


Committed to helping those with a need.


Life often takes unexpected turns, just like with Brenda.  At the young age of 40 years old, an aggressive brain tumor ended her life.


So many people encounter unexpected tragedies in life and our goal is to live out loud the life that Brenda lived during her brief time on earth.  Brenda always loved people, accepted people, helped people and above all things demonstrated LOVE to people.  Our non-profit organization exists to honor Brenda Bell Carter as a "living legacy" by touching  lives in needed and impactful ways, because that was, is, and will always be how Brenda lives on.....!